Brexit checks: Inland border facility near Dover scrapped

A planned inland border facility has been scrapped in a move that will save about £120m, the government has said.

Inland border facilities (IBFs) were introduced to deal with border checks after Brexit and one had been planned at Dover off the A2 at Guston.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) said other sites were working well and other sites were no longer needed.

However, HMRC said the decision not to build the facility did not mean the land was no longer required.

The government said the Department for Transport (DfT) bought the land as a strategic and important asset to be used to ease pressure at the border.

The DfT was now exploring alternative options for its development to ease pressure at the border, given issues with disruption on the strategic road network in Kent and at the ports, a statement said.

It said the DfT would continue to engage with the leaders, businesses and residents to ensure any development would benefit the local community and economy.

When the plans were announced, Guston Parish Council opposed the development and said it was taking legal advice.

Current capacity 'is enough'

A statement from HMRC said: "IBFs were introduced to deal with border control checks post-Brexit, and were constantly under review to make sure they provided value for money.

"A new proposed site at Dover was part of this review, and after looking into the amount of cross-Channel traffic and the necessary associated checks, a decision has been made not to progress with the site.

"The review showed that the existing facilities have enough capacity to deal with the flow of traffic and therefore a new site was not necessary.

"This decision will see a saving of around £120 million."

It said the move would allow funds to be used elsewhere.

Source: BBC News