British apple and pear growers share concerns over rising costs

In addition to dealing with challenging weather conditions this year, British apple and pear growers are facing significant increased costs, a new report reveals.

In the last few months cardboard prices have increased by 25-30%, haulage costs by 10-12% and packaging costs by at least 10% and these costs are still rising.

These costs are on top of labour inflation prompted by the impact of COVID and Brexit.

The report from Andersons reveals that the combination of labour inflation and Covid costs have added 6.5p to the production costs of a six-pack of British Gala apples in the last two years.

Despite the Spring frosts, hail and wet weather, apple and pear growers are predicting a high quality crop. The 2021 harvest was anticipated to have seen an increase in production, some varieties, like Cox and Bramley, have been harder hit by the weather challenges.

Ali Capper, Executive Chair of BAPL comments, “There is no doubt the unpredictable weather conditions have posed challenges to British apples and pear growers. Coupled with steep rises in the cost of production, 2021 is undoubtedly testing the industry”.

“Our growers’ commitment to producing a high-quality crop and their ongoing drive for sustainability, means our apple and pear varieties are some of the best tasting and most environmentally-friendly varieties in the world.

"With the support of British retailers, we are excited to celebrate the start of a wonderful British apple and pear season and flavoursome, vibrant-coloured red apples.”

“Eating a British apple a day is a small step towards improving health and reducing the impact on the environment and ‘food miles’.

"To coincide with the new season, BAPL will be launching a new sustainability report from the Royal Agricultural University. The report will highlight the strong environmental credentials of British apples and pears.”