Calls for a Covid Recovery Visa to help hospitality

A new petition has been launched calling on the Government to introduce a Covid Recovery Visa for the hospitality sector.

The petition was launched by Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats including MP Layla Moran, who has previously called for the visa’s introduction during Prime Minister’s Questions.

She said that the hospitality industry 'has been hit by a triple whammy' of Brexit, the points-based immigration system and the Government’s handling of the pandemic.

The MP warned that without intervention many local businesses will be facing closure in the coming months. The online petition outlines that a Covid Recovery Visa would help recruit hospitality staff from outside of the UK.

There are concerns that if the hospitality industry remains understaffed many pubs and restaurants will be unable to work at full capacity now lockdown restrictions have eased.

Layla Moran MP said: “The crisis facing our hospitality industry is a problem entirely of the Government’s making.

"Their botched Brexit, damaging points-based immigration system and handling of the pandemic mean hotels, bars, restaurants and others face being unable to open up any further next week. Many face the threat of closure as a result." She added: “The sector needs the Government’s backing if they’re going to make the most of this summer season.

"An urgent intervention is needed to recruit the workforce they badly needed. I was disappointed that the Prime Minister was dismissive of these calls a few weeks ago."

Source: Oxford Mail