Clock is ticking to get new haulier IT systems ready for January

The Department for Transport has signalled that the new Smart Freight system, designed for the post- Brexit period, will only be ready to be rolled out from the middle of December.

This latest news on the timetable for the IT systems emerged during a Transport Select Committee on Brexit preparedness on 14 December.

Earlier this month Cabinet minister Michael Gove said the government hoped that the Smart Freight system “will be fully ready by December 2020”.

He said that the separate freight IT project, known as the Goods Vehicle Movement Service, should finish a “refining” process by 4 December.

Road Haulage Association chief executive Richard Burnett told this week’s Transport Select Committee that he was “concerned” about preparedness and whether new IT systems would work in time.

“We’ve had no confirmation on when we will have access to these systems,” he told the committee. “We’ve been told December, but that gives us a very small window to get people trained.”

He said that, in a survey of 1,000 international members, 91% do not have clarity on the new border and customs systems that will be required from January next year.

Burnett is due to meet Gove today (16 October).

Source: Global Cold Chain News