Delishops to host Taiwan expo

Delishops, the new initiative that enables specialist food producers and buyers to connect via a virtual global online platform, is joining forces with Taiwanese producers to run a new Taiwanese Food Expo event, which will take place 30h / 31st March 2021.

Photo: Charlie Turnbull, Founder of Delishops

The Taiwanese Food Expo will see 20 producers from Taiwan showcase their products for the UK market and the opportunity to discuss a diverse range of Asian food concepts, ranging from noodles, rice and specialist cooking oils and rice porridge to fermented drinks, bubble teas ice cream and BBQ cooking kits. A full list of participants can be viewed on the Delishops website

In addition, the Expo is intended to provide a focused forum to enable buyers from Taiwan access to UK producers, to take advantage of the growing interest in specialist foods from Taiwanese consumers.

Delishops founder, Charlie Turnbull says, “Taiwan represents the world’s 21st largest economy and enjoys a true smorgasbord of food and drink offerings due Taiwan’s own unique food history and the many regional Asian influences.

"The food and drinks sector in Taiwan is one of the fastest-growing markets with local supermarkets increasing their range of imported goods to meet demand. And just as Taiwan is showing an increased interest in food from the UK, so too are UK citizens keen to explore the original tastes and inspiring flavours associated with the country.

"Post-Brexit, there are a wealth of deals to be done and with travel restrictions still in place, the Taiwanese Food Expo on Delishops represents a convenient, cost and time effective route to exploring new routes to market – both in terms of exports and imports.”