Deliveroo launches ‘Hop’ rapid grocery service with Morrisons

Deliveroo has partnered with supermarket chain Wm Morrison to open its own “dark store” in London, taking the first step towards “quick” grocery delivery.

A new service called Deliveroo Hop will be available to residents in and around Vauxhall and Battersea in southwest London within 10-15 minutes.

It competes with New species The number of grocery start-ups such as Getir, Gorillas and Zapp has skyrocketed across the UK this year after raising hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital. “Deliveroo Hop will enhance the delivery of on-demand groceries to both consumers and grocery partners,” said Will Shu, CEO of Deliveroo.

Grocery and supermarket deliveries are becoming increasingly important to Deliveroo, accounting for 7% of total customer spending. first half In 2021, it increased from 5% in the previous year.

Delivered from 4,600 supermarkets and convenience stores across the UK, including Waitrose, Sainsbury and Aldi, as well as hundreds of supermarkets in France, Italy and Hong Kong. Shu hopes to expand its hop service to more locations in the near future and work with other supermarket partners.

“We have the ambition to grow this model quickly,” said James Badger, director of online and wholesale at Morrison. “Society is becoming instantly satisfied in a variety of ways … We want to make Morrisons products available to as many customers as possible.”

Morrisons also works with Amazon to provide fresh produce services, as well as its own online services from its own supermarket and Ocado facility in Ellis, southeast London.

Morrisons and Deliveroo first began working together early in the British pandemic blockade last year. This year, they more than doubled their footprint in 327 Morrisons supermarkets nationwide.

Unlike the partnership that Deliveroo courier chooses from the same Morrisons stores used by traditional customers, Hop’s dedicated warehouse gives companies greater inventory level visibility.

Shu hopes that this will provide a more reliable service for consumers, reduce shortages and replacements on each delivery, and arrive earlier than the current 20-30 minute service.

Hops also show the first move for Deliveroo to become a retailer, with Morrisons acting as a wholesaler and Deliveroo setting customer prices. Morrisons has a shipping partnership with an existing supermarket that will pay Deliveroo shipping fees.

But Hop isn’t the first move to Deliveroo’s physical infrastructure to drive services. The company has invested in an edition network of “Dark Kitchen,” a dedicated facility for preparing takeaway meals exclusively for delivery, for several years. We operate more than 250 editions of kitchens worldwide.

The company’s existing London-based courier continues to receive hop orders from the Vauxhall warehouse with a gigworker model, in contrast to instant grocery apps such as Gorillas and Zapp, which normally employ delivery staff.