Eurotunnel figures for March 2021 show impact of Brexit and pandemic

Passenger traffic figures on cross-Channel service Eurotunnel were down 60% year-on-year last month as the pandemic continues to have a major impact.

Its Le Shuttle Freight service transported 122,832 trucks during March - down just 2% on the same month last year.

Eurotunnel traffic has been hit hard by the pandemic and the numerous traffic restrictions, Picture: Barry Goodwin

But the 38,201 passenger vehicles it carried was 60% down on the year before. The figures for the first three months of the year combined show a 72% drop year-on-year.

Travel restrictions have caused major problems for the biggest operators, with Eurostar admitting it is struggling to survive the 95% drop in passenger numbers it has seen for its high-speed rail service.

A Eurotunnel spokesman said: "The freight market is still marked by the adjustments to new post-Brexit administrative rules, but with a trend towards normalisation.

"The passenger market remains severely impacted by the travel restrictions put in place by the British and French governments due to the pandemic."

Source: Kent Online