Families increasingly growing own fruit and veg in bid to beat the cost-of-living crisis

Waitrose Garden says seed sales are up four-fold compared with last year, while B&Q reports surges in blackberries, fennel and asparagus being grown at home, with sales up 109 per cent, 73 per cent and 136 per cent respectively.

But Kam Dhillon, B&Q’s horticulture manager, said: ‘While homegrown classics such as tomatoes, potatoes and strawberries remain popular.

"We have seen a sales increase of “trendier” veg due to a younger generation of gardeners, with sales of blackberries, fennel and asparagus up 109 per cent, 73 per cent and 136 per cent respectively."

Nicola Parsons from Waitrose Garden said seed sales were up four-fold compared to last year.

The National Allotment Association said the cost of running a typical plot measuring 300 square yards (17 yards by 17 yards) is £247-a-year with the value of produce as high as £1,900.

The same would apply to a garden of the same size but without rental costs.

Philippa Wright, chairman of the Guildford Allotments Co-operative Society which has seen its waiting list double, said: ‘Many are growing the more expensive items, for example asparagus, artichokes and ginger.

Fruit bushes are great for produce that is costly and not always readily available like redcurrants or gooseberries.’

Source: Daily Mail