Four largest Latin American economies to showcase agribusiness to Europe

The Pacific Alliance, a Latin American trade bloc formed by Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, was launched in 2011 as an in-depth integration process with the idea to create a core group of like-minded countries that believe in the benefits of free trade, based on greater competitiveness, greater growth and greater development.

This years’ the Pacific Alliance Business Matchmaking Forum,will take place between August and September and will cover markets such as Europe, Canada, Asia, and Oceania.

The complete and competitive agribusiness offer of the Pacific Alliance countries, which includes products ranging from green coffee and bananas to wine, salmon and mussels,

among many others, will be the highlight of one of the most important trade meetings during the summer of this year.

The signature event of the bloc represents opportunities for European buyers. Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, countries that make part of the integration mechanism, have adjusted their agribusiness and natural products offer to focus on the trends arising from the pandemic, providing an attractive package for European importers.

The first stage of the forum will be focused on Asia and Oceania and will prioritize the agribusiness offer considering that the Asian continent is key for the global trade of these products, as mentioned in the "Agri-Outlook" report of the World Food Programme and the OECD.

It is also the world's fastest recovering region after the recession caused by the global crisis.

During this initial meeting, trade ties will be specially strengthened with Singapore, a country that recently concluded negotiations to become the first Associate State of the Pacific Alliance.

The second phase will focus on Europe, where agribusiness and natural ingredients will prevail. It should be noted that the European market is increasingly demanding natural products since the pandemic and is favourable to the exportable offer of the Pacific Alliance, as also indicated in the aforementioned World Food Programme and OECD report.

The third stage will be focused on the markets of the Pacific Alliance and Canada, a candidate country to become an Associate State of the bloc. This business matchmaking session will have a multisectoral approach to promote intra-regional trade and the diversification of the Alliance’s exports.

The segmentation of the Pacific Alliance Business Matchmaking Forum will allow exporting companies to identify which products are in demand by the main partners of the bloc and to take advantage of the benefits provided through lower tariffs, improved delivery times and trade facilitation.

"In its eight editions, the PA Business Matchmaking Forum has generated export opportunities worth more than US $914 million to exporters of the 4 member countries, expanding their business at the regional level and towards international markets” said Flavia Santoro Trujillo, president of ProColombia and current coordinator of the Technical Group of Promotion Agencies of the Pacific Alliance.

“This year’s version contributes to economic reactivation and job creation in member countries. It is an ideal opportunity to strengthen the export offer of companies from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru; strengthens trade links with countries allied to the bloc and represents immense opportunities for European, Asian, Oceanic and Canadian buyers, reinforcing win-win situations between the parties," concluded Santoro Trujillo.