FPC announce all-important GSCOP refresher course

FPC is pleased to announce that it is once again running an online GSCOP refresher course on 12 July. This course is offered at a reduced rate to FPC members. The fee is £125 + VAT.

Attendees of the course will be reminded of the main elements of GSCOP and how to use it, experiences to date of using and not using GSCOP and the lessons that have been learnt.

The course will also cover recent developments including investigations, guidance, best practice and the GCA’s priority areas and talk about suppliers’ current experiences of and attitudes towards GSCOP and the GCA. There will also be an in-depth look at priority areas for suppliers and how practice may be improved.

This refresher course is ideal for those who have already been trained in GSCOP and therefore know the Code, the role of the Adjudicator and how to use them in trade negotiations.

Don’t forget that retail customers are required by the GSCOP Order to re-train buyers annually. It is important that suppliers too are kept equally up-to-date. This is your chance to have your staff attend at a specially discounted rate.

The training is led by a business professional practising in sales force training, coaching and mentoring, with a background in a range of sales functions at a senior level within a leading FMCG company.

To book your place click here.