GGN Label Makes In-Store Debut in the Fruit and Vegetables Product Category

The GGN label is a consumer-facing mark that stands for certified, responsible farming and transparency. In 2016, when the label initiative initially debuted, it was sector specific and exclusive to aquaculture products, followed by floriculture in 2017. In spring 2021, the GGN label launched into the market as a single, cross-category label found on both packed and loose products.

With the relaunch, the label now includes the fruit and vegetables product category.

The GGN label tells consumers that the product originates from a farm whose production processes have been independently certified according to international GLOBALG.A.P. standards (or recognized equivalent). GLOBALG.A.P. standards are holistic in nature and cover food safety, sustainability, environmental protection, animal welfare, workers’ health and safety, and supply chain transparency.

These responsible farming qualities are brought together under the GGN label, which provides transparency through unique 13-digit identification numbers linked to supply chain actors with GLOBALG.A.P. certification.

Thought Leader Sonae MC Becomes the First to Adopt the GGN Label in the Fruit and Vegetables Product Category

Sonae MC is a Portuguese-based food retailer. With more than 35 years of continuous growth, the brand holds a distinctive position in several business areas, providing a broad range of high-quality products throughout the Portuguese and Spanish territories.

Sonae MC holds the distinction of being the first retailer to debut the GGN label within the fruits and vegetables product category on its supermarket shelves. Grapes from valued producer partner Vale de Rosa will feature the label in 40 of the retailer’s local Continente retail outlets.

Committed to responsible sourcing practices while ensuring that transparency drives their efforts, Sonae has pledged this to be merely the first step in the label’s adoption.

“This has been such an exciting journey for us here at Sonae MC, and we are thrilled to have finally realized our goal to feature the GGN label on our first product! As a front-runner in the retail food space, we are committed to leading by example, which is clearly demonstrated by our future rollout plans of the label to other product categories. We feel confident that our customers will respond positively to the label and welcome its on-product visibility of our efforts toward trust and transparency.”

—Ondina Afonso, Chair of Continente Producers Club, SONAE MC.

First Launch with the GGN Label by Grower—Mini-Cucumbers from Thrace Greenhouses/Greece to Feature in Early 2022

Thrace Greenhouses is a cutting-edge producer located in north-eastern Greece. Known for their state-of-the-art greenhouse technology, their distinguished use of geothermal energy and hydroponics cultivation method–primarily in the year-round production of tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplants–has seen them reach almost zero CO2 emissions discharge.

With a clear mission to use the latest and most environmentally friendly cultivation methods available, Thrace Greenhouse, has adopted the GGN label to make its commitment to responsible farming practices visible to consumers.

"For us at Thrace Greenhouses, the GGN label came right on time! Since day one, we have communicated our values and mission to our partners, highlighting the importance of sustainable development and environmental protection. We believe passionately that the path forward for us leads back to nature, and the GGN label enables us to show straight to the consumers our commitment to protecting our finite resources and environment for a more sustainable future.”

—Efthimios Livaditis, VP of Thrace Greenhouse (BoD).

Packaged mini-cucumbers will be the first product from Thrace Greenhouses to feature the GGN label. This product will debut exclusively on the shelves of the Greek branch of Ahold Delhaize–AB Vassilopoulos starting February 2022.

"We are currently working on launching the first of a whole new series of packaged products. Our packaging is specifically designed to minimize food waste and raise awareness of sustainable farming while at the same time amplifying practicality in shopping and storage both for the retailer and the consumer. The GGN label is the key to promoting these advantages."

—Efthimios Livaditis, VP of Thrace Greenhous (BoD).

The GGN label will be rolling out in more retail outlets across Europe starting in the first quarter of 2022.