Giant Derbyshire haulage firm collapses with hundreds of jobs lost

A Derbyshire-based warehousing and haulage company with contracts to supply food to Asda and Sainsbury's has gone into administration, putting hundreds of people out of work.

EVCL Chill, in Alfreton, formerly known as NFT, has now been placed into administration as it has run out of money to pay its workers and its debts.

Some 650 of the firm's 1,000 warehouse staff and drivers have been transferred to key customers but the remaining workers' roles are in jeopardy.

Insolvency practitioners from accountancy firm PwC will be managing its affairs and attempting to sell assets to pay off those owed money by the company.

Meetings with staff facing redundancy will take place on Monday, according to PwC which said driver shortages were partly to blame for the failure of the business.

Union Unite said: "EVCL Chill workers have lost their jobs without warning, through no fault of their own, and Unite will be assisting its members in every way possible in coping at this difficult time.

"Unite will be providing support to help the affected workers find new work".

Source: Derby Telegraph