Good year for UK Bramley producers

During the months of lock-down, many people went back to baking and cooking, which generated a good demand for high quality Bramleys.

The warm, bright UK summer months have resulted in optimal growth and the final apple yield was better than initially anticipated.

While much of 2021 harvest has already been packed for the retail trade, or processed into pie fillings, a considerable tonnage has been put into cold storage and will be used to supply customers until apples from 2022 harvest are available.

Producing consistently high yielding crops of quality fruit year after year is an ongoing challenge for Bramley growers, requiring close attention to soil nutrition, disease control and other aspects of agronomy and fruit storage.

The industry has had to adapt to changes, becoming less reliant upon pesticides and continually reviews all aspects of production to ensure a sustainable supply of high quality fruit.

Growers are increasingly reliant upon soil analysis, leaf analysis and fruitlet analysis to determine the exact nutrient requirements of the growing crops.

Source: Farming UK