GrowUp Farms secures £100m in funding for vertical farm in Kent

The investment will deliver a new low-carbon farm to bring fresher, longer-lasting salads to supermarket shelves year-round, the business said.

GrowUp was founded by Kate Hofman and Tom Webster in 2013, launching one of the UK’s first Kickstarter campaigns to build The GrowUp Box.

The following year the company opened Unit 84, the UK's first commercial-scale aquaponic vertical farm, in east London.

A spokesperson for GrowUp explained: "we take a scalable approach to high-care, high quality indoor farming, and we use plants, science and technology to grow the best tasting food, without compromising on quality, ethics or environmental impact.

"Our team of experts at our Recipe Centre drive our continuous pursuit of growing the tastiest veg in better, more sustainable ways.

"We grow with transparent end-to-end management of the supply chain so that we can add value for our customers and their shoppers.

"Our salad leaves are grown to exactly the right size, harvested with care, and packed within 2 hours.

"There’s no journey to a packhouse and no chlorine washing needed."

Source: GrowUp Farms