Half of Britain's favourite apple crops wiped out by freezing April weather

Almost half the crop of the UK’s two favourite homegrown apples have been wiped out by the poor spring weather.

Cox’s and Bramley have suffered due to frost after overnight temperatures in April often dropped below zero.

According to trade organisation British Apples and Pears, the harvest is likely to be down by around 10 per cent across the range of UK-grown varieties.

Chairman Ali Capper said the loss was ‘disappointing’, especially because growers had planted extra crops this year to boost the market share for homegrown apples.

Dailymail.co.uk quoted her as saying: “Cox’s and Bramley are worst affected because they are early flowering varieties which flower in April and that is when we had 20 nights below minus 2C.

"The frost killed the flowers and reduced the yield.”

Despite the disappointing harvest, other varieties have managed to do well, including Gala, Jazz, Cameo and Kanzi, because they are not as susceptible to cold weather.