James Hutton Institute welcomes new UK plant science strategy

The James Hutton Institute has welcomed the publication of the new 10-year UK Plant Science Research Strategy.

The document provides a framework for research and skills development to ensure UK plant science can play a strong role in solving the challenges of climate change mitigation, sustainable food production, land management to protect biodiversity and to promote human health and wellbeing.

This strategy was led and authored by Professor Jane Langdale CBE FRS, University of Oxford, and involved very extensive consultation with members of the research and innovation community, including Hutton and University of Dundee plant scientists.

Writing in the foreword to the strategy, Professor Langdale says: “Whether fundamental or translational, or both combined in a strategic programme, plant science research has a crucial role to play in safeguarding the future of our planet. To meet the expectations of both society and government, investment in the implementation of this strategy is essential and urgent.”

Professor Lesley Torrance, Director of Science at the James Hutton Institute, commented: “This strategy positions plant science R&D in the broader UK science and innovation landscape to deliver solutions such as to reduce carbon emissions in agriculture production, deliver sustainable food systems and increase carbon sequestration in both cultivated and natural ecosystems.

“We look forward to playing our part and working with the wider plant science community in these endeavours.”

Source: Hortidaily