Keynan Parliament ratifies Kenya-UK trade pact

Members of the Keynan Parliament ratified the Kenya-UK trade pact on Tuesday night, rubber-stamping the trade agreement into law on the deadline-day.

The adoption of the trade pact serves to affirm the access of Kenya’s critical exports including horticulture goods and fresh produce to the UK market on duty and quota free access.

Subsequent to the pact’s adoption, the Ministry of Trade and Industrialization in required to make annual submissions of a progress report on the implementation of the deal and an economic impact assessment report outlining gains, losses and arising developments.

The ratification of the deal which had hit a bump a fortnight earlier over mixing annexes was witnessed by current Trade Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina and Principal Secretary Johnson Weru.

Under the agreement, Kenya will retain access to the UK market while on the reverse, Kenya will be opening up an estimated 82.6 per cent of its market over a 25-year period.

Source: Citizen TV