Merging of United Fresh Produce Association and PMA

Tom Stenzel and Cathy Burns opened a media forum with their respective teams to discuss the merging of United Fresh Produce Association and the Produce Marketing Association (PMA).

“Most CEO transitions are one walks out, the other walks in, if you are lucky there is a letter on the desk, if you are not the door is closed and the locks are changed.”

Burns pointed out of the unique position she and soon-to-be-Co-CEO Stenzel are in. “I can tell you our relationship is none of that. Our eye is on what’s best for the members and the industry, and I have the gift of a transition time that me and members of my team can learn everything from Tom that we can.”

Stenzel echoed the bond the leaders share that has, as United Chairman Michael Muzyk and PMA Chair Dwight Ferguson each pointed out, made the merger of two large associations possible.

Source: And Now U Know