New Portuguese potato campaign aims to make Miss Tata consumers’ favourite

Porbatata, Associação da Batata de Portugal, is launching a campaign to promote Portuguese potatoes, using the Miss Tata brand, created in 2020.

The campaign aims to boost the consumption of the brand in order to directly reach consumers during the busiest potato production period in Portugal, which takes place from May to September.

“Miss Tata, the favourite” is the motto of this initiative, which includes the participation of the Portuguese chef Marlene Vieira.

The idea is to show that Portuguese potatoes are the freshest and tastiest, the closest (and therefore those with the least carbon footprint) and an essential ally in a healthy diet. They’re the consumers’ favourite.

“We want Miss Tata to be the favourite because they’re fresh, new and just picked.

"Portuguese potatoes are the first to enter the European market and there's an opportunity to prove the quality of our production”, says Sérgio Ferreira, chairman of Porbatata.

The promotion of Portuguese potatoes is one of the initiatives in the project for the Promotion of Portuguese Potatoes in Foreign Markets, supported by Portugal 2020, under the Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme.