Ocado chairman warns that Britain will see 'short-term' food shortage

The chairman of Ocado has warned that difficulties caused by the introduction of new Brexit-related customs rules will mean 'some short-term' food shortages.

Lord Rose, chairman of supermarket delivery company Ocado, said the difficulties being experienced by traders due to the new rules were likely to be passed on to consumers.

The former Remain campaign chief told BBC Radio 4's Today: "You can't interfere with a finely honed, 50-year legacy supply chain and expect it to all run smoothly on day one.

"The issue of transport and hauliers not wanting to send their lorries here is because they are worried about their lorries being stuck and worried about lost profit, which means therefore the cost will be passed on to the consumer.

"You will see some short-term shortages but let's be clear, there is not going to be a famine.

"Food will continue to come in, although at this time of the year 50-80 per cent - plus of our fruit and veg comes in from Europe and beyond and a lot of that comes in through Dover on trucks.

"We're talking about fresh product which is perishable.

"If it doesn't get out within 24 hours, it goes off, it rots, it gets thrown away - that's lost profit, that's a real problem for businesses both ways."

Source: Daily Mail