Retailers feeling Brexit impact as empty shelves spotted in supermarkets

It is not just everyday consumers that are finding it difficult to adjust to the new way of doing business post-Brexit – major businesses are also still feeling their way around.

British retail giant M&S is also ironing out some supply issues, with customers in its Irish stores noticing empty shelves in recent days where items such as milk would normally be.

M&S, which has a major line of British-made food and drink that has become a favourite of Irish customers, insisted bare shelves were just temporary, caused by a "systems issue".

When asked to elaborate further if it was linked to Brexit, a spokesperson told the Irish Examiner:

"Following the UK’s recent departure from the EU, we are transitioning to new processes and it is taking a little longer for some of our products to reach our stores."

M&S said it was "working closely" with partners and suppliers to ensure customers can continue to enjoy the same range of products, and that it was working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, apologising to its Irish customers for the inconvenience.

Other major retailers in Ireland such as Tesco reported no such issues, with insiders saying stockpiling had taken place long before Christmas for many products in anticipation of a potential no-deal scenario.

Source: Irish Examiner