School dinner choice is slashed and staff told to stockpile dried, tinned and frozen food

UK canteen supplier ISS has warned 450 schools to stockpile food this winter.

School dinner choices are being slashed and staff advised to stockpile essential food supplies amid fears suppliers will struggle to keep children properly fed this winter.

ISS, one of the UK's largest canteen suppliers, has reportedly told 450 schools it is having issues with 'sourcing, packing and distribution', predicting that the problem will 'get worse' over the winter and will continue until February.

School canteens were advised by ISS in an email to stockpile 'long life, dried, tinned and frozen' products to make sure children can still be fed in a 'worse case scenario' this winter, according to ITV News.

Meanwhile, food wholesaler BidFood has warned that it is experiencing 'significant' supply pressures and struggling to recruit HGV drivers, blaming the issues on the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit.

In Lancashire, thousands of pupils are being offered a reduced menu, The Times reported.

'One school this week has not had a delivery of sandwiches. Another, no soup was sent. One school cook has even reported going out and purchasing additional items out of her own money as she was concerned about the choices on offer,' Samara Barnes, a Labour councillor, told Lancashire Live.

'This is a grave concern, especially given the fact that we know some children rely on their school dinner as their only meal of the day.'

The county council has insisted that 'all pupils will still receive a healthy, nutritious and warm meal,' The Times reported, and that it expected to return to the full menu later this month.

The upheaval comes amid a growing shortage of HGV drivers, a nationwide panic-buying spree at petrol stations and growing fear inside Downing Street that supermarket shelves could remain barren until December 25.

Source: Daily Mail