Seedless lemons make a return to Tesco

Seedless lemons never really took off in the UK years ago after many trials failed to produce a strong, stable supply of good-tasting fruit. But Tesco said it may have found the answer to bringing consistent seedless lemons to its stores – by looking to South Africa and Spain.

Starting this week, the retailer said it is stocking those “guaranteed seedless” lemons to consumers and pitching hard its smooth, pip-free insides as a way to drive sales.

“At last, now customers will no longer have to spend extra time picking out the pips after squeezing lemon on a wonderful meal or drink,” Tesco citrus buyer Emily Ridge said. “This new variety has been growing and maturing for many years and now is finally ready to hit supermarket shelves.”

Tesco said the natural mutation that was discovered in Australia has been replicated in South Africa, with new trees “using buds from the seedless tree and grafting them onto suitable rootstock to create new trees.”

The lemons will be supplied by Peterborough-based AMT Fruit, which has partnered with Tesco for more than 20 years. The Jaffa Seedless Lemons will cost £1.50 per pack of four.

Source: Produce Business UK