Spannish Barbastro pink tomato harvest expected to be record-breaking

The largest producer of Barbastro pink tomatoes, the company Grupo Correas, has invested half a million Euro in the conditioning of 3.5 new hectares of land for the production of this tomato, which has gone from being cultivated for self-consumption in home gardens to becoming a profitable alternative. It will have a total of ​​10 hectares, in which approximately one million kilos are expected to be produced next season.

This means, in the 2021 campaign, a record harvest of pink Barbastro tomatoes will be obtained, possibly reaching 2,800,000 kilos.

This special tomato is mainly marketed on the domestic market and in the south of France. "It has been tested in the UK, but the combination of Brexit and the fact that it is a delicate product have made this difficult," says José Antonio Armengol, head of the farm and until a few days ago president of the Asociación de Hortelanos del Alto Aragón (Alto Aragon Growers' Association).

Relay in the association

The quick and solid development of the production and of the Barbastro pink tomato brand, considered one of the most sought-after gourmet vegetables by consumers and restaurants, has facilitated the arrival of Grupo Correas, with the consequent creation of jobs and the launch of a canning plant for the transformation of a part of the Barbastro pink tomato harvest.

For this reason, José Antonio Armengol, who has been president for nine years, presented his resignation for work reasons, although he will continue to work with the board of directors. The manager since the association was created in 2009, Esteban Andrés, is retiring. At the moment, vice president Óscar Olivera holds the presidency of the association, and David Ferrer continues as secretary.

The new board will also be in charge of promoting the asparagus of Barbastro, marketed under a registered trademark, and which will be harvested for the first time this year.

Source: Hortidaily