Tesco to stop selling vegetables in plastic wrapping

Suppliers are being told to either deliver vegetables loose or in compostable packets to speed up scrapping plastic.

Tesco have ramped up efforts to axe vegetables in, meaning shoppers will soon be buying more loose fruit and vegetables.

The store wants to eliminate plastic packaging from five billion groceries by 2025.

Suppliers are being told to either deliver vegetables loose or in compostable wrapping to speed up scrapping plastic.

The chain is now using less packaging by selling more concentrated items, the Mirror reports.

The supermarket giant is also pressing ahead with stocking more products that can be refilled by consumers who bring their own containers into stores.

Tesco's decision is part of a wider campaign by supermarkets to sell most fresh fruit and vegetables loose rather than packed in plastic, to help the environment.

All major supermarkets have signed up to guidelines by sustainability organisation Wrap to sell loose produce by 2025.

Apples, bananas, broccoli and cucumber will be among the first to be sold without plastic wrapping.

Other items that will soon be sold with no packaging include aubergines, avocados, carrots, onions and peppers.

Wrap thinks 80% of fruit and vegetables can be sold with no wrapping.

It estimates this will save more than 21,500 tonnes of plastic being thrown in the bin every year.

Tesco group quality director Sarah Bradbury said: "We’ve already made progress to minimise the environmental impact of our packaging, but we know there is more we can do with suppliers on the issue of plastic waste."

“We’re bringing suppliers together to work solutions because we are determined to go further and accelerate our progress, with a focus on the areas of greatest impact.”

Source: Daily Record