UK unveils new border Technology and Innovation hub

The UK government has published a new roadmap for technology and innovation to tackle the current border challenges, as a result of Brexit.

The government state: "The hub will work collaboratively with industry, border departments and the devolved administrations to coordinate efforts to test and trial new technologies at the border and will engage regularly with the border technology industry to identify new opportunities for innovation around the border and to challenge progress.

"We will collaborate with industry and across government to set and clearly articulate standards around which the private sector can build IT and technology solutions" the explain.

"We will ensure these follow Open Standards Principles. Where possible we will seek to align these standards with our international partners to standardise processes across borders and drive interoperability wherever possible.

"Building on the existing ‘Border Code’ work of Border Force, we will set out a comprehensive set of standards across:

  • Border Data

  • Security

  • Interoperability

"We will assess each target use case to determine what internal changes are needed across government. Sitting centrally within the Cabinet Office, the Border Innovation Hub will be empowered to initiate and support change in any department or across departments."

Read the full roadmap here.