United Seaways launches a Brexit buster route direct from Morocco to the UK

The fallout from Brexit continues adding bureaucracy and delays to imports and exports but one company thinking outside the box is United Seaways. As a Maritime and transport specialist, United has been planning the new direct line from Morocco to the UK for over 2 years but, as they say, timing is everything with the company now launching the route in 2021.

The company's aim is to support businesses with post Brexit, supply chain challenges and opportunities. United Seaways MD Zeyd Fassi Fehri said the service would create a “sustainable and environmental alternative” when it launched in the coming months.

“The speed and efficiency of the vessel ensures a longer shelf life for fresh products whilst the reduction of road congestion, tolls and additional import procedures that have arisen since Brexit”.

The response to the news has been extremely positive with Fresh Produce Consortium CEO Nigel Jenney welcoming the new service and saying: “Any solution that makes imports more effective, or eases trading with alternative countries, may well be a great opportunity for helping the UK source fresh produce from around the world.

"I anticipate a strong demand for this new direct roro service," he continued. " The route offers a rapid service and avoids the additional tariff complications of trading via the EU since the beginning of the year.

"At this challenging time It’s very welcome alternative to the increasing complexity of trading with Europe."

Mostafa Benhima, Senior Consultant with the Moroccan Team said: “The Kingdom of Morocco and the United Kingdom have a close friendship and a connection which is over 800 years old. We welcome the new line to Tangier Med Port and know that its success will scale up the trade between Morroco and the UK”.

Colin McMurray, Non Exec Director, said: “Its fantastic to be part of a visionary organisation which thinks out of the box. Whilst the project has been some years in the making, the timing of the start of the service could not be better”.