Wales: celebrating St David’s Day with daffodils likely to be trickier this year

Celebrating St David’s Day with the national flower of Wales is likely to be a little more difficult this year.

Welsh growers and garden retailers say vast quantities of daffodils are destined for a “giant compost heap” this spring because their usual routes to market are closed during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The same fate may also await other spring flowers such as polyanthus and primroses which are popular as Mother's Day gifts. Ornamental horticulture businesses in Wales say they are getting “desperate”, having been unable to trade since curbs on non-essential retail were put in place on December 20.

If garden centres and florists remain closed in Wales, sales of potted daffodils are likely to be a decimated this spring, according to the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA). It said growers “need a miracle, like that said to have been performed by their national saint, if they are to weather the storm”.

One grower-retailer, Morris of Usk, faces writing off £20,000 worth of springtime favourites, having already lost its autumn crop of violas and pansies during November’s firebreak lockdown.

Source: Floraldaily