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£500K Boost for Horticultural Innovation: Growing Kent & Medway Funds Groundbreaking Projects

Growing Kent & Medway has allocated £500,000 to four pioneering horticultural projects as part of its Prototyping and Demonstrator Fund initiative.

The fund aims to foster innovation and sustainability in the horticultural sector by supporting projects that introduce cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices.

Saga Robotics was awarded £113,000 for its MiDeVa project, which focuses on developing advanced automation solutions for strawberry farming. This project aims to enhance the efficiency and productivity of strawberry harvesting through the use of robotic technology.

Deep Planet’s VineAI project received £144,500. This project leverages artificial intelligence and satellite imagery to detect diseases in vineyards early. By providing precise and timely information about vineyard health, VineAI aims to help farmers reduce losses and improve the quality of their grape yields.

Drytec Spray Drying’s FutureDry project secured £149,500. This initiative is dedicated to creating sustainable food ingredients from agricultural byproducts, promoting a circular economy approach. FutureDry aims to convert waste materials into valuable, eco-friendly products that can be used in the food industry.

RePizza Ltd was awarded £149,000 to develop innovative pizza bases using Cambridge Glycoscience’s Grain & Stalk flour. This project seeks to enhance food sustainability by incorporating nutrient-rich, sustainable ingredients into pizza bases, offering a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pizza dough.

Dr. Nicola Harrison, Programme Director at Growing Kent & Medway, commented, “We are thrilled to support these groundbreaking projects that showcase the ingenuity and potential within our horticultural sector. By funding these initiatives, we aim to drive forward innovation, sustainability, and economic growth in our region.”

The Prototyping and Demonstrator Fund is part of a broader effort by Growing Kent & Medway to establish the region as a leader in horticultural innovation, supporting projects that have the potential to revolutionise agricultural practices and contribute to a more sustainable future.


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