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A New Dawn for British Agriculture

The Labour Party’s recent electoral victory has been heralded as a pivotal moment for the future of British agriculture.

NFU president Tom Bradshaw highlighted Labour’s manifesto, which recognises food security as national security, underscoring the necessity for policies that bolster farm business confidence and food security. He emphasised the importance of providing affordable, climate-friendly, and high-welfare food amidst the current cost-of-living crisis.

Bradshaw has called for the new government to prioritise an increased multi-year agriculture budget, thereby investing in British farming’s future, encompassing homegrown food, environmental stewardship, and renewable energy.

He reiterated the industry's commitment to engaging with Labour ministers to address essential policy solutions, ensuring that Environmental Land Management Schemes benefit all farm businesses, and setting core standards for food imports.

Greater recognition is also sought for issues such as a functional Seasonal Workers Scheme, effective import controls, supply chain fairness, infrastructure investment, and planning flexibility.

The Labour win, according to Bradshaw, presents an opportunity for mutual benefit: delivering British food to the public, empowering farmers and growers to build profitable and sustainable businesses, and ensuring a secure supply of homegrown food in an unpredictable world.


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