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Aldi leads the pack in British apple sales

Aldi has been highlighted as the leading retailer of British apples in the UK, according to figures from the trade group British Apples & Pears (BAP).

Despite possessing only a 10.2% stake in the grocery market, Aldi managed to retail 23% of all British apples in the previous year, marking them as the top seller in terms of volume.

In the twelve months commencing September 2022, Aldi retailed a whopping 32,165 tonnes of British dessert apples, outperforming Tesco and Sainsbury’s, which sold 28,954 tonnes and 24,448 tonnes respectively.

Ali Capper, the executive chair of BAP, praised Aldi for their impressive sales, which were more than double the anticipated amount based on their market share. She expressed a hopeful sentiment that other retailers might take a leaf out of Aldi's book.

BAP also conducted an analysis of apple and pear sales across UK retailers over a three-year span to assess sustained backing for these categories of fruit. From the crop years 2019 to 2022, Sainsbury’s led the pack with sales of 117,892 tonnes, Tesco was hot on their heels with 116,869 tonnes, and Aldi came in third with 111,373 tonnes.

Capper stressed the importance for all supermarkets to rally behind British farmers and champion the consumption of homegrown apples and pears. She pointed out the benefits of reduced food miles and the evident preference among consumers for British produce.

Given the ample supply of quality British fruits that boast excellent storage life, Capper sees no justification for turning to foreign imports. She is keen to see every retailer make strides in offering easier access to British fruits in-store and online.

This emphasis on domestic produce is further accentuated by a BAP report indicating a 133% plunge in the average profitability of the UK’s primary apple growers over the last year.

An examination of data from Companies House, comparing the 2021 and 2022 accounts, revealed that each of the sector’s six leading growers witnessed a marked downturn in profit, with a number incurring hefty losses.


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