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Aldi’s New Waste-Cutting Moves: Crownless Pineapples and Plastic-Free Bananas

In a bid to combat waste and enhance sustainability, Aldi has launched an innovative trial to sell crownless pineapples across select stores in the Midlands, Yorkshire, and the North East.

By removing the crown, which is typically discarded by consumers, Aldi aims to facilitate easier transportation and packaging, ultimately saving an estimated 187 tonnes of cardboard annually.

Liz Fox, Aldi's National Sustainability Director, emphasised the initiative, stating, “This trial of crownless pineapples is just one of the latest innovative changes we’re testing out to minimise waste and reduce our carbon footprint.”

In addition to this, Aldi has taken a significant step towards reducing plastic waste by replacing the traditional plastic packaging for bananas with paper bands. This move is projected to eliminate around 234 tonnes of plastic waste each year.

Luke Emery, Aldi's Plastics and Packaging Director, reiterated the supermarket’s commitment to sustainability, noting that Aldi is continually seeking methods to minimise plastic usage across its product range.

Furthering its environmental efforts, Aldi has also begun incorporating recycled plastic into some of its packaging materials. The supermarket plans to extend the use of recycled plastic to a broader range of products later this year, aligning with its overarching goal to reduce its environmental impact.

These initiatives are part of Aldi’s larger strategy to improve sustainability and reduce waste. By implementing such measures, the supermarket chain not only cuts down on waste but also sets a precedent for other retailers to follow.

Aldi's proactive approach showcases its dedication to environmental responsibility and highlights the importance of continuous innovation in the retail sector to address global sustainability challenges.


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