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Customer trends: Shift from avocado toast to eco-friendly smashed peas

In a gastronomic transformation that epitomizes the changing tastes of the UK, the nation is turning away from the ubiquitous avocado toast in favour of a more sustainable delight: smashed peas. This green revolution in dining has captured the imagination of food enthusiasts across the kingdom, heralding a move towards conscientious consumption.

The culinary shift was articulated by renowned chef, Emma Kensington, who shared her enthusiasm for the new trend, saying, "We have to be mindful of our food choices, not only for our health but for the planet too. Smashed peas offer an excellent alternative to avocados, which are often sourced from far-flung locations and have a considerable carbon footprint."

Smashed peas, traditionally a British accompaniment to fish and chips, have undergone a modern makeover. They are now being incorporated into breakfasts and brunches, replacing avocado as the spread of choice on toast. Food connoisseurs praise their earthy flavour and the reduced environmental impact associated with their production.

At Maene, a London restaurant, the preference has shifted away from avocados in favour of serving smashed butter beans atop sourdough toast. According to Chef Nick Gilkinson, avocados are at odds with the company's commitment to sourcing local, seasonal ingredients. The butter beans employed not only share a similar texture to avocados but also boast a high protein content, making them a health-conscious alternative, much like avocados.

This transition towards smashed peas also reflects a broader shift in food culture. Consumers are increasingly valuing ingredients that are not only nutritious but also environmentally responsible. The traditional avocado, often flown in from distant continents, has come under scrutiny for its carbon footprint and water usage.

To be sure, the avocado hasn't entirely fallen out of favour. It still maintains a place on British menus, but its dominance has been challenged by the rise of smashed peas. Many cafes and restaurants are now offering both options, allowing diners to make a choice that aligns with their values and tastes.

As the UK turns away from avocado toast in favour of eco-friendly smashed peas, it marks a culinary transformation that highlights a growing awareness of sustainability in food choices. With influential chefs and food critics championing this green revolution, it's clear that the future of British breakfasts is becoming more environmentally conscious, one smashed pea at a time.


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