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Gopuff's 10p fruit and veg deal takes London by storm

Gopuff, a prominent quick-service grocer, has launched an enticing offer on a select assortment of fruits and vegetables, pricing them at just 10p each.

The special deal, available until 4 December, allows shoppers to bag items like bananas, grapefruits, red peppers, broccoli, and cucumbers. However, each order can only contain a maximum of three of each item.

The company has gone all out to promote this deal, using digital platforms, print media, and outdoor advertising. The response from the public has been overwhelming. To prepare for the anticipated demand, Gopuff increased their inventory fivefold. Yet, they were sold out within a few hours on the launch day. They've since replenished their stocks, ensuring availability for all.

The fresh items for this promotion are sourced from Morrisons and Wholegood. This initiative is in line with Gopuff's ongoing efforts to provide unmatched value to its patrons. Earlier in August, they rolled out prices that undercut Tesco on over 200 staple products, exclusively for their FAM subscription members.

A few months ago, Gopuff added a new feature to their app – the ‘Morrisons Corner’. This allows users to opt for Morrisons' in-house products, touted as a cost-effective alternative to mainstream brands.

Despite the initial boom during the pandemic, Gopuff, like many of its peers, has grappled with profitability issues. With the aim to counteract the rising living costs, they've been striving to offer commendable value. As a case in point, another player in the market, Getir, slashed prices on a significant portion of its inventory earlier this year, addressing the escalating food inflation.

However, it's worth noting that Gopuff's latest 10p offer is exclusive to orders placed from their 21 dark stores situated in London.


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