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Labour's Pledge to Champion Agriculture

Sir Keir Starmer, the newly appointed Prime Minister, has taken office after 14 years of Conservative rule, promising a fresh era for British farming with a commitment to environmental protection.

The agricultural community eagerly awaits Starmer's choice for Defra Secretary. Will Steve Reed retain his position, or will a new face emerge to lead this crucial department?

In March, Reed shared his dedication to farming with the Farmers Guardian, expressing that the passion and care of farmers "really sings out." He stated that, should Labour gain power, he would aspire to be Defra Secretary, underscoring his enthusiasm for the role.

Labour's Commitment to Local Produce

Labour's agricultural manifesto includes an ambitious target: ensuring that half of all food purchased across the public sector is locally produced or meets high environmental standards.

Recognising the critical link between food security and national security, Labour has pledged robust support for British farmers. Their plan includes a land-use framework and making environmental land management schemes beneficial for both farmers and nature.

The party aims to collaborate with farmers and scientists to eradicate bovine TB without relying on what they term an "ineffective badger cull."

Labour's Farming Blueprint

The party's comprehensive strategy for rural revitalisation is encapsulated in their "New Deal for Farmers." This initiative promises to invigorate rural economies and bolster Britain's food security.

Key Elements of Labour's Farming Pledges:

  • Economic Growth: Labour's primary mission is to stimulate economic growth nationwide.

  • A New Deal for Farmers: Designed to accelerate rural growth and enhance food security.

  • Veterinary Agreement with the EU: Aims to reduce border red tape and rejuvenate British food exports.

  • Trade Deal Protections: Ensures farmers are shielded from unfair competition with low-welfare, low-standard imports.

  • Government Support for British Produce: A target for 50% of food in public institutions to be locally produced or environmentally certified.

  • Environmental Land Management Schemes: Labour commits to streamlining funding processes hindered by previous Tory bureaucracies.

  • Land-Use Framework: Balances food production with nature recovery.

  • British Infrastructure Council: Drives private investment in rural areas, improving broadband and electricity grids.

  • Flood Resilience Taskforce: Focuses on building defences and natural flood management to safeguard rural homes and farms.

  • Lower Bills and Environmental Protection: Ensures farmers can thrive while preserving the environment.


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