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Mission unleashed: elevating Europe’s avocado and mango experience

Mission Produce is taking its direct-to-retail services in Europe to the next level by streamlining its operations at a new ripening and distribution hub in Poeldijk, Netherlands.

This strategic move is the result of a collaboration with Europe Retail Packing (ERP), a renowned entity in the fresh produce packing and handling sector.

The ERP facility, strategically positioned near the Port of Rotterdam, is set to optimize transportation and logistics for Mission Produce's avocados and mangoes. This will also amplify the company's capabilities in ripening, packing, bagging, and distribution.

Paul Frowde, the head of Mission Produce UK and Europe, expressed that the company's ambition is to fortify its reputation as a top supplier of ripe avocados and mangoes in Europe. The goal is to enhance customer service with direct-to-retail solutions, giving them an edge in expanding their clientele. "By upgrading our operational framework, we're aiming to stimulate demand and supply top-tier fruit on an even grander scale," Frowde remarked.

While Mission Produce maintains its sales office in Breda, Netherlands, the new centralized facility is anticipated to augment customer value. Sean Bagheri, the commercial operations director of Mission Produce Europe, stated that this move will enhance reliability, quality assurance, and logistics efficiency. He added, "Leveraging Mission’s global reach, consistent supply, and cutting-edge tech, we're poised to seize more market opportunities and deliver premium fruit to consumers."


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