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New Covent Garden looking for customer input

The New Covent Garden Market Fruit & Vegetable Market Management Committee (FVMMC) is looking for members from the Market’s customer and supplier community.

Formally known as the Market Management Advisory Committee (Fruit and Vegetables), the FVMMC is one of four committees established by Covent Garden Market Authority (CGMA) to advise on key decisions affecting the Market.

The committee advises CGMA, the Market’s landlord and management company, on how its actions and decisions may affect the interests of the Fruit & Vegetable Market and the people who work and do business there. CGMA will seek advice on key decisions from Fruit & Vegetables MMC and members can also provide advice of their own accord on issues that matter to them.

Jo Breare, General Manager at CGMA, said: “There will be 18 members of the FVMMC and there is currently an opportunity for new members to join. We’re looking for suppliers to and customers of the Market who are willing to represent the interests of people who either sell fruit and vegetables in the Market or buy fruit and vegetables from wholesalers.

“The committee meets every 3 or 4 months with in-person or virtual attendance options, as well as the ability to advise in writing,” added Jo. “Meetings tend to last around 90 minutes and are held at a convenient time after the main trading activities on the Fruit & Vegetable Market have finished. CGMA will seek advice on a wide range of issues and decisions affecting the Fruit & Vegetable Market and the Market community.”

For more information, please speak to Jo Breare on 07919 005 344, or Giles Roddy on 07918251251. If you would like to become a member or nominate someone, please email Emily Knowles, the clerk to the committee, at


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