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Salute our Supply Chain Heroes: A Celebration of the Unsung Workforce

The UK's fresh produce industry is celebrating its unsung heroes with four prestigious awards recognising exceptional achievement and resilience across the wholesale and supermarket supply chain.

These sought-after accolades shine a spotlight on the individuals and companies who work tirelessly to keep our tables and gardens stocked with the freshest, highest quality produce.

Do you know a supplier who goes above and beyond? Or has your team demonstrated outstanding commitment to excellence? Now is your chance to nominate them for the recognition they deserve!

Here are the four award categories:

Wholesale Fruit & Veg Supplier of the Year (Sponsored by New Spitalfields Market)

This award honours the growers, exporters, agents, distributors, and wholesalers who consistently deliver top-quality fruit and vegetables to the UK market, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

It recognises their flexibility, forward-thinking processes, and unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards. Nominate yourself or a supplier here.

Wholesale Floral/Plant Supplier of the Year

This prestigious award celebrates the outstanding horticultural businesses that demonstrate excellence across the board, from innovation and product quality to sustainable practices and supply chain management.

It recognises the hard work and dedication that goes into keeping the UK's floral and plant industry thriving. Nominate yourself or a supplier here.

Supermarket Floral/Plant Supplier of the Year

This award recognises the companies that supply delicate and time-critical flowers and plants to UK supermarkets.

Success in this field requires meticulous planning, accurate forecasting, round-the-clock availability, and a commitment to delivering the freshest blooms to consumers.

Supermarket Fruit & Veg Supplier of the Year (Sponsored by PML Seafrigo)

Every great supermarket relies on a robust fresh fruit and veg department.

This award honours the suppliers who consistently deliver a wide range of high-quality produce to supermarkets across the UK, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in fresh food provision. Nominate yourself or a supplier here.

Nominate Your Heroes Today!

Entering is simple and free. Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate the individuals and companies who make the UK's fresh produce industry so vibrant and resilient.


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