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Fresh Start for Carrots: Promising Quality and Steady Yields Amidst Seasonal Challenges

The new carrot season has started in parts of England, with quality and yields described as good and normal, respectively, despite earlier weather challenges.

According to Rodger Hobson, Chairman of the British Carrot Growers Association, a wet spring delayed planting, yet the crops are performing well.

Although the spring conditions hindered the possibility of a bumper crop, typical English summer weather is expected to result in a standard harvest.

Earlier this year, imports were necessary as domestic stocks ran out. Hobson pointed out that carrot prices have remained low for consumers, which is beneficial amidst rising food costs.

Additionally, there is an initiative to launch the first National Carrot Day on 3rd October, aimed at celebrating and promoting carrot consumption in the UK.

This event is expected to increase awareness of the nutritional benefits of carrots and support local growers.

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