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Tesco bolsters biodiversity with the launch of Nature Programme

Tesco has initiated an ambitious programme, termed the Nature Programme, to augment the sustainability of food systems.

The innovative initiative, encompassing five principal areas, aims to fortify nature in crucial sourcing landscapes and amplify industry-leading innovations to bolster biodiversity.

Additionally, it involves the execution of a nature plan throughout Tesco's own estate and operations, while also spearheading research into critical challenges facing nature and the food system, and leading cross-sectoral engagement.

Integral to this programme is Tesco's commitment to water stewardship, collaborating with local entities like the Norfolk Rivers Trust and the Wye and Usk Foundation.

The retailer has pledged multi-year support to realise the goals of WRAP’s Courtauld 2030 Water Roadmap, striving to ensure that half of the UK’s fresh food and drink is derived from areas practicing sustainable water management by 2030.

This support will finance a network of vital collective action projects, addressing water risks in catchments significantly impacted by UK food and drink production.

The Nature Programme is poised to be a catalyst in reducing emissions and safeguarding nature within Tesco's supply chains.

It promotes the use of biodiversity monitoring technologies and encourages the adoption of low carbon fertilisers by farmers and growers. This programme is a strategic move towards Tesco achieving its net zero target across its entire footprint by 2050.

Tesco's Chief Commercial Officer, Ashwin Prasad, underscored the critical role of the UK food system in addressing the significant decline in nature and biodiversity.

The Nature Programme, he noted, offers innovative and practical solutions to protect and restore nature, including enhanced support for crucial on-the-ground actions in water catchments across the UK.


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