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UK’s Leading Blueberry Farm Advances with AI Sorting Technology

Hall Hunter, the UK’s premier blueberry producer, has recently enhanced its operations by integrating an Elifab Berry Class 12 lane sorting machine, complemented by two automatic punnet fillers from Elifab’s associate, Mat Exakta.

This state-of-the-art blueberry sorting and packaging system is set to be operational by the end of May 2024. As the leading blueberry supplier in the UK, Hall Hunter delivers around 2,200 tonnes of blueberries annually, playing a crucial role in the domestic market by supplying major UK retailers.

The company encountered several challenges, particularly in packing and grading, with labour costs and efficiency being primary concerns. “Labour is our top priority. Our aim is to reduce it while doubling our capacity,” stated Alana Deacon, Head of Operations at Hall Hunter. The company sought innovative, user-friendly solutions to enhance throughput without sacrificing quality, aiming to set new industry benchmarks.

“Our objective is to expand our blueberry cultivation and establish ourselves as industry frontrunners,” Deacon added, highlighting the necessity for advanced technology to improve productivity and meet market demands.

The selection of Elifab-Ellips grading machinery and Mat Exakta punnet fillers was influenced by the need for labour-saving, quality-maintaining, and capacity-increasing solutions. The technology’s forward-thinking AI capabilities, competitive pricing, and comprehensive support were key factors in their decision. Deacon praised the grading system’s design for blueberries, noting its positive impact on fruit quality and the system’s flexibility and user-friendliness.

Hall Hunter anticipates that this technological upgrade will significantly reduce labour costs and enhance output quality, expecting to halve the workforce per shift while doubling output. This advancement not only promises greater efficiency and precision in grading but also positions Hall Hunter at the forefront of agricultural innovation, ready to lead the UK blueberry market into a new era of productivity and quality.

By adopting cutting-edge technology from Elifab-Ellips and Mat Exakta, Hall Hunter is set to transform its operations, underscoring its commitment to innovation and excellence in the blueberry industry. “We are delighted to partner with Hall Hunter and look forward to helping them reduce costs and elevate quality for consumers,” said Ed Westerweele of Elifab.


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